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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Tacos and Tequila_ ©501 Studios__05-09-22__5016633-HDR.jpg

It’s time for a modern fiesta! Our design solution blended a subtle yet elegant bar with the backdrop of an impactful and bold graphic solution to the far back wall. The guests experience different levels of excitement as they progress through a space that combines iconic Mexican art style with vibrant colors. The result is an overall emersion of Mexican cuisine and hospitality, providing a respite from the busyness of the casino floor.


Food + Beverage


2021 - 2022




Las Vegas, NV, USA

Tacos and Tequila_ ©501 Studios__05-09-22__5016698-HDR.jpg
Tacos and Tequila_ ©501 Studios__05-09-22__5016668-HDR_e.jpg
Tacos and Tequila_ ©501 Studios__05-09-22__5016663-HDR_e.jpg
Tacos and Tequila_ ©501 Studios__05-09-22__5016618-HDR_e.jpg
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