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Catered to the modern, luxury traveler, the Niccolo Chongqing was designed as a contemporary, urban and chic destination. At the intersection of fashion retail and interior design, the intent of the Niccolo Chongqing interior is to provide all visitors and guests with an unparalleled dwelling experience—one that is effortlessly luxurious and refined in experience. Through incorporating clean color palettes in addition to sophisticated finishes, the 294-guestroom resort presents itself as the cultivation of style, timeless elegance and comfort—an interior desirable for the modern, pioneering spirit found in all its guests. The property is home to three restaurants, full spa and wellness facility, meeting rooms and a wedding space.








Chongqing, China

Dane Quay, Jaclyn Wang and Martin Vasquez’s design experience while at HBA.

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Upon entering the Niccolo Chongqing, visitors will find themselves immersed in a sleek, cool and contemporary lobby space where a simple color palette enhances an effortless sense of style. The idea here is “less is more.” A clean, polished dark grey stone clads onto the expansive walls, while a polished grey marble anchors the lobby floor with heavy, beautiful natural veining that speaks for itself as the main accent.


Influenced by the old-timey, dimly lit, smoke-filled jazz clubs, the wine bar presents itself as the epicenter of music and entertainment. Rich, glossy wood panels dress the walls as dark, hard wood flooring and patterned polished marble anchor the space. When one enters the bar, they will immediately be drawn to an impressive, illuminated onyx bar where mixologists serve their delectable creations.

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The Niccolo guestroom and suite is truly a space of refined yet effortless luxury. The space is composed of a heavy-toned wood flooring and sleek, lightly textured wallcovering.

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With stunning views overlooking the vibrant cityscape of Chongqing, the Niccolo Suite offers an expansive interior with a contemporary and sleek palette. The living and dining areas were designed with an open floor plan concept to allow guests to enjoy the city view from all parts of the suite.

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