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Senior Designer

New York

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EDUCATION: B.S. in Interior Design

ALMA MATER: High Point University


Working in the hospitality design industry for over 6 years, Jenn began her career as one of four college graduates selected for an internship program at Marriott International.  She gained experience in the technical aspects of design working on the operator side.


Making the transition to the design side has allowed her creativity to flourish in developing beautiful, intentional spaces.  Jenn applies her knowledge of both design and operations to successfully execute the design intent in a functional manner.  She leads her team through the design process, while continuing to be eager to learn from her colleagues, some of the most experienced designers in the industry.


She attributes part of her success to being personable with the clients and vendors that she collaborates with.  Jenn provides a fresh outlook on designing for the next generation of leaders and travelers.


“The details are not the details. They make the design.”
- Charles Eames

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Dogs or cats? 🐶

Hot or cold? ☕️

Sweet or salty? 🥨

Morning or night? 🌞

Beach or mountain? 🌴

Summer or winter? ☀️

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