Hilton Bangalore Lobby Day HIRES 01 - Ap

Hilton Bangalore is the new offering in one of the most relevant IT hubs in the Indian city. The design is inspired in the idea of ‘Bangalore, the garden city’ but still fleeing from the stereotype of Indian vernacular design. This project seeks to cater for the needs of businessmen and women who visit the city for work and need a wellness-driven environment to recharge after work.






Under construction


Bangalore, India

Jese Medina-Suarez’s design experience while at Smallwood.

Hilton Bangalore Lobby Night HIRES 01 -

The hotel lobby frames the adjacent garden as soon as the guest comes into it. Beautiful local limestone, brass and timber work harmoniously together to create a soothing background, tying in the interior greenery, the garden and sky outside.

Hilton Bangalore Pre Function HIRES 01 -

Prefunction space at Hilton Bangalore aims to allow the green shades of the lawn outside to come into the space creating a fresh and cool environment in the hot Indian city.

Hilton Bangalore Pre Function Elevation

The ballroom front is a reinterpretation of the Lalbagh nursery of Victorian influence in the Botanic Gardens.

The grand ballroom features similar design elements conceived for the outer front of this multifunctional space again inspired by the city's Botanical Gardens.

Hilton Bangalore Lift Lobby HIRES 01 - M

The lift lobby is a very soft calm environment where the outer light and delicate shadows cast by the façade screen become the most relevant feature.

Hilton Bangalore Kingroom HIRES 02A - Ma