Tacoma, Washington, United States

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The project embodies the pure balance of culture and hospitality. The Puyallup Tribe of Indians wanted a property that represented the welcoming and energetic nature of its members in Tacoma, Washington. The design is a prime example of the saying "If you can't build out, build up" by lifting the gaming floor above the urban landscape.  It provided the opportunity for a continuous space that links added hotel amenities on one side to a state-of-the-art concert and event center on the other, weaving gaming and food & beverage in between. Guests create their own adventures through the property each visit.


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Tacoma, WA, USA


Puyallup Tribe of Indians

JoyceLynn Lagula’s design experience while at Cuningham.

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From concept to reality, the main lobby and porte cochere of the property represented the tribe's cultural richness in an elegant and welcoming way.

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The gaming floor and all of its amenities are elevated above the streetscape, so emphasizing the verticality of the atrium was accomplished with a beautiful lighting art piece that can be experienced on both levels.

The energy of the decentralized gaming floor emanates from the pockets of gaming that results from the organic pathway curves.  The jewel-like ceiling feature above the table pits create the right amount of spectacle to entice the guests to play a hand or throw the dice.  

A gaming floor with no center, rather focusing on the meandering characteristics of a river that has strong symbolic relation to the tribe's culture can be directly experienced on the paths through the space.

Properly scaled light fixtures that also double as iconic art pieces along the pathway became the signature design move at important moments throughout the casino floor.

Bringing in nature as the main conceptual reference throughout the entire design, soft geometry defining portions of the perimeter such as the casino bar came through organically.

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Their High Limit space pulls from the regional material palette of Washington state in the warm woods and rich color range, which helps create a high-end feel.

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Carefully curated design elements, such as ceiling features and murals, in other venues become the main events that celebrate the tribe's culture in memorable ways.

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