Palm Springs, California, United States

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The narrative does not commence with aesthetic, which is vastly important. It’s about honesty… it’s about the Dream… the California DREAM, particularly the Palm Springs DREAM; the found flower of a desert oasis.  So, within this vision, aesthetic is the by-product and the direct result of all the flags waving in the storm called life. The Dream Palm Springs scope includes 78 guestroom suites, 36 luxury residential condominiums, four restaurants, full spa and wellness facility, meeting space, orchard, athletic and swimming amenities.






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Palm Springs, CA, USA

Dane Quay, Jaclyn Wang and Martin Vasquez’s design experience while at HBA.

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As you enter the Dream Palm Springs, you are guided to and welcomed at the Check-in Parlor— or what I like to call, the introduction. Very simply, this space is the formal introduction to you. In the same way a traditional parlor room full of art and memorabilia is a place of receiving guests upon their entrance into a home, I want the check-in lounge to greet you as you enter our hotel and furthermore, welcome you into the story. 


As you meander through the space of curved walls mimicking the natural terrains, pick up a guitar and strum away by the fireplace or revel in a book from our curated collection of books on the floor to ceiling library. Or simply people watch the day away in the comfort of any of our cozy lounge seating or pull up a seat at the bar.


As you enter the “Hanging Garden Restaurant,” you will come to find that we have brought the once mythical garden to life in the form of a contemporary culinary establishment. Seating groups designed for plush comfort while dining areas are carefully separated with various overhanging structures to create a sense of privacy within an open space of community—one that mimics the feeling of dining in your own private gazebo as the desert air graces your skin.

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The creative workspace is centered on the welcoming sense of community—a community where all will find comfort through commonality and our shared learning experience. The study welcomes all guests of the hotel. Whether you are young or simply just young at heart, a wide range of classes and activities will be offered to intrigue all guests.  

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The kitchen is a space to be experienced whether alone or with company. In this space, you are free to relax with your morning paper, sit on your laptop or welcome conversation with a stranger over an espresso and a freshly baked biscotti or butter crunch cookie.

As you emerge into the living room, bartenders will concoct the perfect cocktail to help you unwind in a space embellished with the right number of kitschy details to leave you feeling just a hint of the retro Hollywood glam that put Palm Springs on the “proverbial map.” The desert breeze gently flows through the large open sliding doors and you are free to wander and mingle through the agile communal space while vinyl records make their rounds on the old school stereo. 

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