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Las Vegas

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Brieann Goldstein brings over 15 years of support experience with her to Campbell House. Prior to working for Beth, Brieann started her career at a hotel front desk, dishing out customer service with a smile. Her dedication to making others’ lives easier is at the root of everything she does. When Brieann transitioned to a position outside of hospitality she worked in several different industries assisting Executives and their teams, from Private Equity to the retail giant Westfield. Brieann worked for Westfield for over 8 years in various departments, learning the industry and assisting on a variety of different projects. 

It was at Westfield where Brieann first started working as Beth’s Executive Coordinator, while Beth was the Head of Design during the build out of Century City and numerous other gorgeous, experiential malls. In coordination with HR, Brieann assisted Beth in rolling out a culture changing growth mindset within the company. Beth focused on removing the roadblocks that can bog down creative thinking. Once the roadblocks were removed it became easier for the team to change their way of thinking from transactional to transformational. 

Brieann found this leadership style to be a great match with her values and she understood how rare it is to find this with an executive. This is what lead Brieann to follow Beth not only to Wilson, but now to the house Beth has built at Campbell House. With a growth mindset and some of the most amazing creative minds in the industry, the sky is the limit. 

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“The greatest gift you ever give is your honest self.”
- Fred Rogers

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