Arlington, Washington, United States

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Angel of the Winds Casino Resort in northern Washington state had the great opportunity to expand their amenities and offerings to regional tourists, while providing an active and enjoyable guest experience for a wide range of visitors. Their casino expansion project embraced the modern method of gaming design and planning with organic circulation patterns and dynamic ceiling features. The resulting design engages their guests in a resort-style environment while still being approachable and enjoyable.  Even with their existing casino space, the design was capable to translate throughout the different areas - accomplishing one cohesive and seamless style.


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Arlington, WA, USA


Angel of the Winds Casino Resort

JoyceLynn Lagula’s design experience while at Cuningham.

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Sweeping casino pathways help to engage the guest in exploring different parts of the gaming floor, a sense of discovery and control over one's experience.  This was one of the key factors the client wanted to promote at their property.

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Properly scaled light fixtures that also double as iconic art pieces along the pathway became the signature design move at important moments throughout the casino floor.

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Creating dynamic, yet comfortable table pit zones was the goal.  The repetitive and rhythmic feature above the tables, which also served security and lighting within, provided the opportunity to differentiate this area among the slot field. 

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The property's original casino building needed to seamlessly connect to the expanded portions and through consistent design elements such as carpet and related column features, continuity was sought.

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The self-branded steakhouse plays off of the approachable, yet quality design aesthetic of a good whiskey and a prime steak.  Warm, rich tones and a striking bar environment creates the perfect balance for the guest's dining experience.

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The "Gateway Bar," made the threshold between the casino and their bowling & entertainment space an event in itself.  Emphasizing the bar by creating this dynamic portal experience is what makes this bar so special.

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A special and unique entertainment environment integrates bowling with live entertainment. Adjacency was the driving factor as the event space has the ability to open out to the bowling alley, feeding off of the energy and activity for spectators and families alike.

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