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Beth Campbell is an award-winning architect and most recently served as CEO of Wilson Associates, a top global interior design firm. Prior to Wilson, Campbell was EVP and head of design for Westfield Corporation and spent 16 years at Gensler, serving as managing partner and global account director. A visionary leader, she has overseen the design of iconic projects around the globe for nearly 30 years.


Campbell House is a full-service interior design firm, with studios in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Dallas and New York. Focused on high-engagement design solutions for hospitality, entertainment, restaurants and corporate workplace, Campbell House delivers engagement design in an era of meaning and purpose.


Like Ocean’s Eleven, Beth has recruited her talented group of friends to join her on this new journey. The House 9 is a collective of the industry’s top experts who share Beth’s desire to create the ideal environment, allowing design studios to work closely with clients, while giving them space to innovate and design. The goal… create memorable spaces that guests cherish and that clients will love! 


“Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

The interior design industry is ripe for a revolution; the means and methods for how we connect with clients, how we innovate, the way we collaborate and operate, and the endgame goal of creating engaging spaces is ever evolving.

- Winston Churchill


It takes a family to make a house a home!

Openly and unapologetically, Campbell House puts their people and their culture first. Bringing to bear the best talent to support their client’s needs, regardless of location, the team will deliver diverse and innovative design solutions.

With amazing leadership, concierge level services, frictionless interactions and an unwavering commitment to clients, the firm’s strong foundation is built on extensive relationships cultivated along decades of trust and successfully completed projects.

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Unapologetically evolving the way experiences are created.

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